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Am I really bisexual or is it just sex ?

I am a 14 year old male. I have liked girls all of my life. I first came across homosexuality when I was around 11. One of my friends would joke about being gay. He would do little things with me and I wanted to do more, but I didn't think I was gay. I have done things (not intercourse) with 2 boys since then and neither of them are gay. Now I am really confused because I like this gay guy, but not in the way I like girls. At first, I hated how he had a poofy voice (going along with everyone elses opinion about gay people). But I didn't bully him about it or anything. Then, after telling him that I thought another gay guy liked him, he said, "Just because you're jealous I have a boyfriend." Ever since then, I have had feelings for him that I don't really want to have. When I think about hot girls, I think about sex. When I think about hot guys, I think about sex. But when I think about girls I really like, I think about relationships. Am I really bisexual or just desperate for sex? Thanks

I’ve been wondering a lot if I’m bisexual, gay, or ...

Hello, I'm 15 and lately I've been wondering a lot if I'm bisexual, gay, or straight. I have a girlfriend and I've had several before her. I've had sexual intercourse with one of my girlfriends before and I enjoyed it, but I've always been physically attracted to men, especially guys my age. Shirtless or nude pictures of guys turn me on, but when I see a picture of a woman in underwear it doesn't turn me on as much. I've thought about it and I can't possibly imagine my partner being a man. I really love my girlfriend and she turns me on whenever we have any sexual contact, but I'm very confused. This has happened to me before but I hadn't given it much thought until the other day when my girlfriend and I were talking and she told me (jokingly) that she was bi. I told her (jokingly also) that I was bi, too. For some reason or another when I said those words I felt this sensation through me as if I were free, as if I had actually found the true me. But now I'm just worried and confused. I don't know what I am. I really love my girlfriend, but I am also sexually attracted to men. But I can't see myself dating or marrying a man-Help! Shawn

Am I bisexual?

Hi I'm confused about my sexuality you see I like girls but I also have liked guys, but not in a relationship kind of way. I just like there bodies and sometimes I wish I had a body like that, is it just jealousy I'm feeling? Another thing, a friend who is bisexual wants to give me oral, but he just wanted to do it for fun and pleasure nothing serious and I said yes, I'm so stupid I think. Should I do this and experiment? I am also worried that if I do it, it may change my sexual preference for ever. I can choose not to do it, it's just oral not anal or anything like that... I also thought and heard that teens usually experiment with this kind of stuff, but I'm really confused about my sexuality. I still like chicks and would love to have sex with one and I love to get romantic with them and that type of stuff but could never be romantic with a guy or have that type of relationship. Please help me!!!!