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I’m confused with my orientation. Can you help?

Im 16 years old and for the past 3 years I have been questioning if i am Bisexual or not. I have been in a relationship with a guy for 2 years, i really like him but i often think about girls. I dont want to come out to my family and my boyfriend until im for sure that i am Bisexual. Im just very confused...can you help me at all?

Am I bisexual or straight? I’m confused, can you ...

I have always considered myself straight but now I don't know anymore. I have never been with either a girl or a guy sexually, so I don't know how to be certain of my sexuality. In high school I had a crush on one of my friends, but at the time I dismissed it as a 'teenage phase'. Three years later, I met a girl who tells me she is bisexual. That starts me thinking, and I finally admit to myself that I really was sexually and emotionally attracted to my friend in high school, and that I have recently experienced sexual attraction to another girl I know. On top of it all, I think I began to develop a crush on my bisexual friend, because my feelings towards her are similar to those I had towards my friend in high school. At this point I can look around at girls I don't even know and feel sexually attracted to them. The whole time I am still attracted to guys. Is this a case of my misinterpreting the feelings I have about my friends? Someone I talked to thinks I am imagining that I am bisexual. But how can I explain that my crushes on girls take on the same form as my crushes on guys: I think about the person 24-7 and fantasize about them while masturbating? How can I do to find out? - Paula

I’m afraid to come out and be rejected. Help ...

Hi, I'm a freshman at university and recently I've begun to have feelings for other girls. I've known for a while now that I am not exclusively attracted to guys, however, now I feel like I'm only attracted to girls. This is a problem for two main reasons. One, I am not out and I risk loosing my family by coming out. Two, I don't know what the consequences of coming out will be. In addition, I recently met a girl who goes to the same university and I feel as though we have chemistry. Yet, I don't want to take the chance because I fear others will find out, and also, I fear being rejected. Is there any way for me to tell her how I feel, or are there any signs that I should look out for to see if she might be interested. – Lee

Story – Mom and Dad, merry Christmas, I’m gay !

Christmas holiday season is back! A time of festivities and happiness... but wait… there is a catch! What would happen if it is you (yes, yes, you, the gay/lesbian of the family) who would introduce the man/woman of your life to all your family? What would happen if your family simply do not know you're gay or lesbian? Is Christmas a good time to tell? Let me explore this a little…

Jonathan’s story : My experience as a gay youth

If I were asked to describe my experience as a gay youth, words would include confusion, fear, anxiety, severe depression and thoughts of suicide. The pain of being alone, with no one to talk too, and when no one seemed to understand was hard. In today's society, being a gay youth is one of the most difficult things.