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My friend has a girlfriend, denies she is a lesbian, ...

Hi my name is Mitchelle , I've been a lesbian since childhood. Now, its got me confused, i had this officemate that is very pretty therefore i made friends to her since i am indeed infatuated to her. Only by knowing that she's a lesbian too, she introduced me to her girlfriend. But she would always deny that she is a lesbian too.She'd always say that she's a girl in front of me as kinda joke. We hang out together at the mall just the two of us. She shows her affection towards me. Or i may just misinterpret it. She may just be charming. And now i fell for her, knowing that she's a lesbian. I know that when you love gender doesn't matter. However its got me confused really since this is the first time i felt this for a lesbian as well. I've had lot of lesbian friends in the past pretty, beautiful , hot lesbians and others. But never gotten in fallen in love with 'em. Knowing that there the same as me. But now i really think I'm lost, falling in love with a lesbian as well. Please help.

Is she slowly stealing my boyfriend’s attention from me?

So I've been been with my boyfriend for almost a year but I noticed that he started hanging out with a group of girls. One of the girls is one he used to like. At first I asked him what was up but he said nothing. After awhile i noticed that he hung out with a different girl in particular, if we are in class and he walks in, the first person he goes to is her.....then me. There was even a point where I wouldn't be able to find him and when I did, he'd be with them. I've tried not thinking anything about it but he just makes me wonder. I also think that the feelings are mutual because she always looks for him and today I was talking to a friend and I mentioned his name, she turned her head so fast, I could have sworn she got whiplash. I don't want to take his friends away from him but at the same time I want to know what the hell is up.

I think my fiance is bisexual because he has no ...

My fiance and I are about to have our first child, and it seems lately he's had no sexual desire for me. Before I became pregnant we had a lot of sex, and he enjoyed being anally stimulated by me. My question is: why is it that before I didn't really feel my man was bisexual but now I'm having doubts. The only thing that would make me wonder is the fact that he took nude pictures when he was younger for an openly gay man. He also allowed this man to take him to FL to strip for extra cash on a few occasions. He vehemently denies any "homo" behavior with ANY man and becomes very angry if I question him. Is it possible that he found out on his own that he liked anal sex or is it more likely that this happened after an experience with a man he then knew? I don't know what it is but my intuition tells me he's keeping something from me. I just don't know if it's the fact that he's bisexual or even gay and just scared to "come out". I looked at the previously asked questions and didn't find anything similar to my situation. Please help!

Am I asexual?

I have always been attracted to females I discover this when I was very young, probably around 6. But as I grew up, I noticed I would barely get attracted to them, like it takes a lot for me to get attracted to a woman, more than looks. Is it normal to feel this way? Is this lack of attraction normal? I'm 23 and I have had only 3 women in my life. Is that normal? Am I asexual?

Under what circumstances would a man get very nervous about ...

Under what circumstances would a man get very nervous about a male friend he has known over 30 years? He said he does not like his friend's behavior. He talked several times about his friend and he told me he was very frustrated that his male friend did not get him a good 40th birthday present. Why is that? He says his friend is being is being a bad friend. Why? I asked him if his friend has a wife, but he ignored the question. Why? I need help. I still love him a lot but I really need to know the truth. What to do and what to ask? He is a very sensitive person and I am afraid he might be upset if I don't phrase the question properly. I would appreciate your opinion on this.

I want to tell my friend how I feel about ...

Hi, I'm Sarah, Im 15 Years Old And Bisexual. I Want To Tell My Friend How I Feel about Her But I am Scared That She'll Make A Joke Out Of It And Tell Everyone. I've Tried Just Sitting And Talking To Her But Whenever I'm about To Say It I Freak Out And Change The Subject. Please Help Me Tell Her.

Is enjoying anal sex an indicator that my boyfriend is ...

I want to know if my boyfriend is bisexual… He keeps putting vibrators and other objects in his anus and he doesn't know why he does it. I am concerned he may be bisexual, and I just need to know if my intuition has led me in the right direction… Thanks a lot!

My sexual fantasies are confusing me. Help!

I'm really confused about my sexuality. I'm a male and I've always emotionally liked woman, I've already dated some and i really had pleasure and orgasms with them except when it comes to real sex. I usually get excited while masturbating with lesbian sex, and also with male gay sex. As I get excited imagining gay scenes I am really confused about my sexuality. I never got excited with male friends or other any other man I see. Please help me and thank you very much! - Marcelio