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I think there is something wrong with my libido

I have been with my boyfriend for a few months now, and I do everything but sex with him, like I hardly ever feel horny and I don't know why. I really want to have sex with him and have done it before with him. I just want to know why I won't do it every night, and I never do anything to him, he always gives me all the pleasure and I wantto give him pleasure but I don't know what's up, so please help me!!

I like a friend

Hi, my name is vanessa and i don't know if i am a bisexual or not i started to have these feelings since i went to middle school the first time and suddenly started to think differently i like guys but i think i also like girls i really don't know thats why i need some help i whanna know if i am bisexual i think i also like a friend because i am always thinking about her she's older and she ain't bisexual she always with me and she gets everything she wants because of me i'll give her everithing she wants because of that i really need some help to tell her if i am a bisexual or not and i help knowing if i am bisexual and if i like her please help me soon so i could know and how i could tell her please please i am desesperate to know

I find girls attractive yet I’m turned on by guys.

Hi! I am a young male confused about my sexuality. My perfect world and dream is to get married and have kids, yet for some reason that's not that easy for me. First of all, I find girls attractive yet when i take the next step i get really nervous and turned off by everything. On the other hand, I see guys and don't think of them in a sexual way but there is a feeling inside that makes me feel turned on in a way. I don't find males more physically attractive than females. Can you help me in any way? – Jonathan

Story – I’m a Girl in Love With a Gay ...

I would never have thought that my views could have changed the way they did. Everything that I believed was right or trusted slowly crumbled under the weight of thought. No changes would have occured this year if it wouldn't have been for him.