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Are my breasts normal in shape?

I am a 14 year old who is fairly athletic and thin and wears a 34b cup. I got my period at age 13. My nipples are not inverted but flat. Although you have assured other girls that with maturation they can stick out, I have many friends who are my age and do not have flat nipples like mine. Also my breasts tend to look pointy and not really round in shirts without a bra. Is that normal?

There’s this girl at my work who always smiles at ...

There's this girl at my work who always smiles at me and stares a lot and we are very comfortable with each other and I don't know if she likes me but I'm getting that vibe, but there's this other person at my job who likes me a lot but I don't like them in that way and the girl at my work always teases me about that person..saying "aww its your lover...you guys are so cute"..blah blah. She does this all day everyday and teases me about them..knowing that I really don't like that person at all! and it kind of makes me think she's jealous and wants me or something...do you think I'm getting that vibe or am I crazy..lol..Please help. Thanks!

My girlfriend’s family doesn’t want her to go out with ...

Hi, I think I got a problem. Well, I love a girl and she is my sister's friend and she love's me but the thing is her mom – she kind of found out what was going on and she does not want her daughter to be with a girl. I just fell like dumping her even if it has only been 2-3 days that we did made are relation official – and that's because of her mom. I don't want to be causing trouble in her family. My girlfriend knows that I am an alcoholic and she accept that fact, but I know myself and if her brother make her feel guilty I will go drunk to see him and do something to him. I don't know what to do because of her family. I am ready for that. Please HELP ME before I get crazy. She is like 16 and me 19.

I sometimes think I act in a weird way – ...

I'm bi and it's good. But sometimes I think I'm gay. That's all in my head and it's not true because when I see a girl I automatically think I like them. Then, I get confused. What the heck! I act differently when guys say: "that girl looks good", I just say: "yeah" to go along with it. It's weird.

Story – Accepting me for who I am

I never really thought about it as a child. In fact, my parents kept me away from the real world. I didn't find out a lot of things until I was in grade 4 and some of the older grade girls would tell me about stuff. I never even gave a thought to the gay community until I was in grade 8.

I don’t quite fit in. Can you help me!

I've known that I've been different since I was a kid, but now I can't figure out what I am. I don't fit into lesbian or any other tables. In my recent browsing of the internet, I found the term 'pansexual.' This, so far, is the closest thing I can find to describe my sexual orientation. This doesn't quite fit, either, for I find myself attracted to mostly females and everything else in between, more than males. I don't feel like I should be a female, but being male isn't right for me either. Any ideas? - Alanna

Being a lesbian/bi is against my church. What to ...

Hi. I've gotten a few crushes on a few girls and, oh my god, i get all weak around them! But the thing is that i had boyfriends before and I think some guys are attractive too. I'm only 15 and my mom says that I am too young to know if you're a lesbian/bi and that it is against the church anyways. You wouldn't happen to have any advice would you? Thanks anyways. - Kitten

Story – The Party

But really, it didn't mean anything. He probably didn't even remember. Sarah had said "you should give him a call, maybe he just forgot". Maybe he doesn't even remember who I am, I thought, maybe he doesn't even care. We met him at this party in our neighbourhood. I had nothing to do at home so I just went, it was better than sitting at home watching television.