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Repulsed by men since I was raped, I don’t know ...

i was raped when i was 13 and i've adored girls since i was 14 always feeling repulsion for men, never attraction. I tried to act "normal" which also disgusted me, and i slept with 4 men to try and prove how normal i was. This whole act left me dead inside and i was utterly repulsed by me and my actions. I hated being gay and hid it from everyone. When i was twenty i met a man in a bar who i instantly fell for despite finding the male form repulsive. He is wonderful and tender and attentive and perfect, we have been married nearly 11 years. i have recently told him i am a lesbian though i have never had any girlfriends and tried to explain my past and the fact that basically i have lied about being straight. We still have sex and i adore him as a person and tend not to see him as a man, obviously everything is confusing, can you please help. He is very supportive and loving and is trying to understand, but i guess i just can't explain who i am very well. Am i a lesbian?

I like this girl but she sees me only as ...

I like this girl..I am always flirting with her and calling her my baby..she goes along with it..Then she says I'm cool and a sweetheart but she sees me as a friend. I asked her if it would be a bad idea if I tried to win her over and she said that she sees me as a friend but if I want to continue and try then its my decision. What should I do, I am very confused??

Am I bisexual and won’t admit it?

I came out as a lesbian a year ago and since then, I have had one female relationship and three strictly sexual relationships with men. I'm not attracted to men at all, but for some reason I keep going towards them. I don't understand why I do this. I feel terrible and disgusting afterwards. Am I bisexual and won't admit it? - Amy