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Does my teacher have the right to disclose my sexual ...

Hi, my name is Catherine. About 6 months ago, I came out as having feelings for girls, and there was this girl who I really liked and she told me she liked me as well : we have now been together for about 5 months now. However, the problem is that many people at my school found out about our relationship, though they are fine with it now. Another problem is that I go to boarding school and my housemistress found out, and now she seems to be picking on me and the other girl and threatening to tell my father who is against anything like that. I wanted to know if she has the right to do that?

Story – Accepting me for who I am

I never really thought about it as a child. In fact, my parents kept me away from the real world. I didn't find out a lot of things until I was in grade 4 and some of the older grade girls would tell me about stuff. I never even gave a thought to the gay community until I was in grade 8.

It’s back to school at AlterHéros

One may be tempted to assume that being gay in 2002 is easier than it was twenty-five years ago. Without a doubt, people's mentality has evolved. Yet, much prejudice still exists, discrimination is omnipresent, and the subject of homosexuality remains a taboo for many people, especially for students. Find out how AlterHéros and its partner, Programme Action-Santé, help alleviate the problem.