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How do I tell him I have a crush on ...

So I'm gay and I met this guy I knew is gay here in college. During our free time before classes started we hung out practically every day, and to this day we hang out as much as we can but with a couple of other friends. But ever since then I've had the biggest crush on him. He recently came out to us (even though he didn't know I already knew), but I don't know if he knows that I am. There has been many occasions were I've planed to tell him about my crush. Now I feel that it is the time but certain emotions keep me from telling him this. I am thinking the next time I get to hang out with him alone to confess ... but I need someones help.

Should I tell these girls I like them?

Well hello! I'm a 13 year old bi-sexual girl. I really have no problem with being bi, and my friends dont either. Well to get to the point, I have this HUGE crush on this lesbian girl i go to cadets with but I dont know how she feels about me. Last time we talked about it, she had a girlfriend but they didnt go to the same school and hadent seen eachother a whole lot lately (that was almost 2 months ago) and she likes this other girl that's straight, and is my age. (the girl i like is 15) But when we went to this summer camp (cadets) she kinda flirted with me. And at night it was SOO cold usualy we'd all sleep 2 in a bed and she'd always want me to sleep with her ^.^. and this is before i KNEW i was bi, well i kinda did but i didnt admit it quite then. Anyway, but theres also my friend from school that i really like but she's (so far) straight. Almost the same situation. She flirts a lot, not just with me though. I really like both of them but i dont know if i should tell them, or what.