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I like to cross-dress as a female, does this make ...

Much like a question I saw on your site, I like to crossdress in private & wish I was female. I love looking at the female body but wish I was one. When I crossdress I pretend I'm with a man and I masturbate. When I have sex with a woman I fantasize about being her or that I'm a woman & she's a man. I've been with lots of women but feel I'm more inclined to want to be a woman. I'm not sure if I'm gay because men do nothing for me unless I'm dressed & fantasizing about being a woman. But I know most women will not accept me as I am so should I date men? Am I a homosexual? I'm very confused right now. I have a daughter and a very religious family so I can't be a full time crossdresser.

My wife keeps saying she is happy with my cross-dressing ...

Hello I'm in the UK. I hope you can give me some advice. From my earliest years I have dressed in female clothes, this has brought me comfort, arousal, happiness and comfort. I have been married for 16 years and my wife and I love each other very much. She tells me that she doesn't mind my "hobby" but I always feel awkward when dressed with her. I seem to go through a yearly cycle of repressing everything and then getting to a point where I can't restrain my inclination to wear my clothes/make-up etc. My wife keeps saying she is happy with my dressing but I am sure she is not. I don't want to hurt her or do anything which will destroy our marriage but I feel as though I am living with a bursting dam behind me. I can't ask you whether I am transsexual or a transvestite but if you could give me some advice I'd be very grateful. Many thanks!

Whats happening with me ?

Okay, this is a toughie, but it is tearing me apart. I'm a guy who recently broke up with a girlfriend of four years which was very sexual, and I really enjoyed it. However, I was always be aware of a side of me that enjoyed crossdressing. I never really explored it. It came and went. Now I am starting a new relationship with a girl, but am finding it very difficult sexually, maybe because of lack of confidence, I don't know. However, the whole crossdressing and being with other crossdressers is turning me on alot right now ie performing oral. I don't know if my ability to perform sexually is due to a shift in my sexual orientation (pratically during one month?). I don't find guys attractive at all - could never imagine falling in love with a guy, but the whole penis thing does turn me on. When I do have sex with my new girlrfriend, it is amazing, but I am having trouble staying hard enough to put on a condom, so it doesn't always happen. Is it a confidence thing, or am I turning?