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I am 39 years old and just came out as ...

Hello, I am a 39 year old male, who just recently came out. I admit I am struggling with my new identity/lifestyle/ am struggling to continue to come out to those around (currently I just came out to those very close to me and just shut everyone else out of my life). I am looking for some support/ group to help me feel comfortable with new identity and am not entirely sure where to go for help. I found your website on line (I know it says the focus is up to age 35, but I figured I would try and write to see if you'd be able to help). Thank you in advance for any help your able to offer. Nicholas

Limited trans resources in Saskatchewan Canada

I'm a transexual and have been all my life and moved to Saskatchewan when I was 18. I haven't found any kind of support here for transsexuals and I have been alone, completely alone in this, for about 20 years now in Saskatchewan. I am tired of doing this alone and need a support group. Are there any support groups in Sask? I've emailed several groups, including Pflag, and have gotten no response. Is anyone getting my emails? Thanks, Stephen =-)

I would like to know about resources for transgender individuals ...

Okay so now that I am out to myself about being transgender, I was hoping you guys could tell me some names of support groups. I know you guys are in Montreal which sucks because I live in Hamilton, Ontario. So I was wondering if you knew any support groups in that area or Stoney Creek, Ontario. I'm having trouble finding them. Thanks for your help.

Six Nominations for AlterHeros at the Allostars!

During a press conference in Montreal held at the Serge et Réal Bookstore on February 9th, 2006, the QAQY (Quebec Alliance of Queer Youth) announced its list of finalist for the first annual Allostars Gala, an event that has been created to recognize the work of queer youth. We are pleased to be among six out of the twenty finalists!

How to be less clingy?

Help Me! I am a lesbian female i need alot of help emotionally. I am too afraid to start a new relationship. I am mostly attracted to masculine girls and they mostly act just like guys. So when i become the clingy person i am they back down. Now i have scared this girl i am totally in love with away by cecoming too clingy. How can I not be too clingy or too scared to fall in love again?

Archives – AlterHeros, version 2

Team AlterHeros is proud to announce the launch of a new version of its popular Internet site AlterHeros.com, a site which strives to demystify homosexuality. Since the launch of the bilingual interactive portal and after having welcomed over 120 000 visitors from around the globe in ten short months, AlterHéros continues to innovate through the latest addition of several new features to further enhance the AlterHeros experience.