Getting tested for HIV – Part I

I'm home now, sipping some hot chocolate and dipping into it the occasional chocolate chip cookie and the wheels are finally turning. Which wheels? Well, the gears and pinions of bureaucracy. Long story short, I've finally set myself up for getting an HIV / AIDS test at my local CLSC. You see, in my defense, lately the winter in my part of Montreal has been rather cold. Not just cold, go get a sweater cold

How can I help my friend with suicidal ideas?

Hello. It happens quite often that I have to cheer up someone who's depressed or even suicidal because of his/her sexual orientation. I wouldn't consider myself the best person for these kinds of things, and at times, I wonder if I really helped them or if I actually made matters worse... What can one do or say to someone who is not comfortable in their skin with respect to his/her sexuality as a gay man or as a lesbian, especially if they/re suicidal? Thanks so much.