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What do I do about these fantasies, about this attraction? ...

I started having gay feelings when I was 15 and it remained my main sexual orientation despite of having feelings for women from time to time. i have never had a coming out and only few erotic encounters with both women and men but i have never been in a relationship so far. i have two questions that worry me deeply: I have fantasies about having sex with my own father from time to time, nrief fantasies about him nacked that kind of arouse me - which worries me because i think i might have dangerous problems. second i discovered that young boys (8-12) attract me - i never had these feelings until 6 or 7 weeks ago and i don't know what exactly this attraction is and means - it worries me as well. i want to live and love without fear - should i be worried?

Was it right to explain to my kid that me ...

I just came out of the closet a couple of month's back.I have two boy's there seven and six, now the seven year old is the articulate one it's like he's been here before; I recently got into a relationship with my best friend of five year's but for my son's they know her as their aunt. So naturally, I had to explain to him that we are a couple now some people think that I shouldn't have went there but;I figure he is a new aged child he'll pick up if I don't explain to him. Did I do the right thing or was I wrong should I have waited until he was old enough to under stand?

Having a Trans Child – Advice to Parents

My daughter is trans - she transitioned in her late teens. This is a very brief resume of some of the stresses and practical problems facing a family with such a child, who may still be at school or college, and is probably still living at home.