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I am in love with my chemistry teacher

Hi, here in Trinidad, we have different school systems. I'm in secondary school (high school and middle school together) and I know that I'm in love with my chemistry teacher. He's around 25 - 30 and he's always staring at me, even in class when he wants to pick up a lesson where he left off, he ALWAYS walks all the way across the class to see my book. For our Christmas Program, I was modelling for the intermission period, and when he saw me in the outfit (it wasn't that skimpy) his jaw hit the floor. Whenever he sees me he smiles, he even tries to be funny, and kind of shows off sometimes around me. One time, he even started whistling and pretending not to see me when I walked past (he was looking at me through the corner of his eye). He is truthfully no Brad Pitt, but still, he's cute, kind of short and he and I even have the same interests.( Anime, Rock, Guitar, Cricket) I really need to know what to do and whether I should approach him after I graduate.