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Will watching transexual porn compromise my hetero lifestyle?

I have been watching Transexual porn and I really enjoy it, but I'm afraid that it will compromise my heterosexual lifestyle that i love. I've also found that i enjoy anal penetration, My ex-girlfriend got me into it with her, but all of this makes me worry that I'm gay when I know I like women. So what does this make me straight with a fetish bi? I'm very confused and have been for quite some time

Is my boyfriend gay ? He has gay friends and ...

My boyfriend prefers anal sex over vaginal sex. When we have vaginal intercourse he often needs to touch my anus to maintain his erection. I found porn on his computer and almost all of it involved anal sex between women (none of it was homosexual) and most of it involved BDSM. However, he's never expressed an interest in that in bed or, for that matter, in anal stimulation for him. He's very loving and respectful and we have a very trusting, active and uninhibited sex life. Very often, he is the initiator, but he's keeping the BDSM thing a secret and I'm a little concerned about how much his sexual interests revolve around anal play. I'm wondering if he might be gay. Before our relationship (we've been together about a year) he had many beautiful female partners, but says that the sex was flat and unfulfilling. He also has a lot of gay friends and seems to relate to them more than to straight men in that their non-sexual interests are usually more aligned.

Is enjoying anal sex an indicator that my boyfriend is ...

I want to know if my boyfriend is bisexual… He keeps putting vibrators and other objects in his anus and he doesn't know why he does it. I am concerned he may be bisexual, and I just need to know if my intuition has led me in the right direction… Thanks a lot!

Is anal penetration dangerous?

am 21 years old, I am gay and single. I would like to know if practising sodomy can lead to negative circumstances, and if I should stop introducing objects into the anus. I do not want to appear obscene: I am afraid of any negative predicaments in the future resulting from this type of practice. Is sodomy considered as a good or bad practice for the body? Is it dangerous? Thank you! Eric