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Is my teacher attracted to me?

Does my teacher like me or hate me ?lesbian? I'm a girl with short boyish hair but cute lol So there is that girl (my teacher) more like she is just teaching me an extra linguistics class She is still a student around my age (I'm 20) and she has also short hair like a Korean male hair cut?? so basically this corse was only one semester, she has treated me waaay different and when I told my friends they clearly told me that she is falling for me but I really don't get it .. read this and tell me does she hate or like me 1- I'm the only girl she remember her name. 2- she doesn't look at me directly or direct any orders or questions to me (avoid me) 3-but when I get too quite she suddenly says what about you ? She suddenly as me about my opinion when her and the other girls suddenly chat.. 4- she calls my name a lot 5-she knows my number "saved it" 6-I thought she hated me because she doesn't talk to me nor look at me while giving instructions to other girls she panics when I'm there..