1 April 2005

Where I can meet guys in my area?

I live in Kingston, Ontario area. And I was wondering where I can meet guys in my area? It is hard to experiment when you go to a catholic school, to meet guys like me. So Please help! – James

JP Duc

Hi James!

Thanks for your question, many youths have difficulties finding resources in their area. If you can travel to the downtown Toronto,here’s a few ressources around this are.

At Queen’s University there is an LGBTQ+ association. Also here’s a list of different services as well. You can contact them directly for further information, because student clubs are active or inactive depending on the semester. Ask them about their policy on attending their meetings, do they accept non-students? Even if your only 15 university student associations are a great resource, usually they have weekly meetings where you can talk about activities and things going on around your city. It’s often difficult to find activities outside the bars/clubs which require you to be 19 years old because of the liquor laws.

Also, you can call this help line whenever needed.

If you want to meet people with similar interests, you might consider to take a course in visual art, theater, dance or anything else artistic, it’s a great way to meet people and to get to know yourself better as well.

You could do some research at your local community center, health care center and see in a nurse’s or councilor’s office if there are any brochures or pamphlets on sexual orientation, also look for key signs like rainbow flags…

Be careful and take care of yourself.

Good luck!

Team AlterHeros