22 September 2002

Do I Look Fat?

Équipe -Pose ta question!-

Societal pressures play a major role in the dieting patterns of females – they always feel a need to look perfect! However, problems arise when the definition of perfect is the fat-free, carbohydrate-free, protein-free, pretty-much-everything-free body of an anorexic or bulimic model. So… what does that leave in her diet? Well… mostly water!

For hundreds of years women have been asking the same question: "Do I look fat?" This shows the insecurity that women feel about their bodies. So what do they do to solve the problem? They diet. There must be a million and one different kinds of diets developed in order to starve women thin.

When deprived of nutrition, the body goes into an emergency state because it is literally starving to death

For most of them, the theory is simple: the less food intake, the less weight gain. This gets very dangerous when women start depriving their bodies of essential nutrients. They are seriously messing with the way our bodies work! In some cases, dieting can disrupt normal bodily functions, such as the menstrual cycle. When deprived of nutrition, the body goes into an emergency state because it is literally starving to death.

So why don’t men obsess about their weight? You certainly don’t see many men going on diets! There are several reasons for this. One of these is that women tend to spend their time together doing inactive things, such as talking, painting their nails, etc. Men, on the other hand, spend a lot of their time together playing sports. A more active lifestyle is an infinitely better solution to the problem of obesity than dieting.

The second reason? They don’t care as much. And sometimes I really wonder why women care at all. Why do women care SO MUCH about physical beauty, that they are willing to sacrifice their health and happiness for what OTHER people regard as beautiful? I really believe that this is a mental hurdle that women must overcome, or else we will be forever caught in a never-ending loop of diets.

So… myself? "Waiter! You’d better make that two steaks and upgrade the small iced tea to a large! And I’m feeling that a large slice of cheesecake with lots of ice cream will be a perfect dessert…" Mmm… 🙂 But of course, I’ll be at the gym later playing badminton with Kenny… so it’s all good. Happy eating!