27 May 2002

Be Seen in the 'Scene'

Be Seen in the ‘Scene’

written in 2002

Équipe -Pose ta question!-

The “Scene” is the word mostly used in the gay community if you’re into clubbing and partying. And mostly the people that you see in the scene are those who is openly out. The “Scene” or some called it “Gay Community” is where everyone can belong and feel accepted and where everyone can get help if they think they are attracted to the same sex as them. It is where everyone can meet that has the same interest as you. It is the place where homophobia is out of the question. For some people, it is the place they call a “Home”. Most importantly it is the place where you can get help and get advise from safe sex, about drugs, coming out, and about AIDS/HIV/STD and any other issues that relates to your need or to your sexuality. Also, it is the place where you can meet other people and make some friends.

Well, I’m sure that’s enough information to share others and I’m sure that everyone get the idea of what I’m talking about. But is this place becoming too much for others? And is this place becoming like a meat market? Why does the “Scene” exist anyway? Why can’t we just have a normal place like the heterosexuals? And why we have to separate our lives from the rest? These are the questions that sometimes people have asked me? Being gay is not that easy at all, if it was everyone would not have any second thought about coming out. But because we live in the world where prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination and homophobics exist being different or I say being gay is very hard for others to understand and lastly to be accepted by them. Until now, some people don’t approve and accept the homosexuals. Why? Because they believe that God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. Which is true. But no one knows why some people get attracted with the same sex. Maybe it’s in our genes, or cause by nature or others believe you were born that way and others have said that it’s a choice. In all of the above, I can’t agree or disagree to them all because even myself I don’t know the right answer. But does it really matter why same sex attraction has to be such a big issue? I think not. What really matters is that as long as you’re happy being who you are and enjoying the time of your life and being comfortable of everything that you do well then don’t give a damn about what others think of you and don’t pay any attention to their words.

One main reason why the “Scene” exists is because of the homophobics. The “Scene” is there to experience fully the life you have always wanted for and be accepted for what you are. It is the place where you can realise that there is more to life than just being gay. We didn’t choose to have our own separate ways from the heterosexuals, they choose it for us. We didn’t decide to have our own community. But because of the gay hate issues we have decided that it’s about time to have a community where everyone is welcome and be accepted no matter what you are gay or straight. This community is now well know as the “Gay Community” or the “Scene”. But until today, there are many people who still experience being discriminated from all aspects of life just because of being gay.

Most of the people we see in our community is gay, but not all of them are. There are others that just might be passing by and others go there because they think that it’s cool and have no problem with that. Also, there are many straight people that go clubbing in gay clubs in these days, maybe it’s because they find the music is better or others have no problem having some gay friends at all. But no matter who you are as long as your in the “Gay Community” there are at least a small chance that one day someone might pick you up or ask you out, and how disappointing for that gay person just to find out that the guy next door happens to be straight. My main point is, we have to make our community a better place not just for the outsiders but for ourselves as well. Let us not give ourselves some bad names and we have to show that we are just a normal people just like everybody else only with something a little bit extra. We have to keep a good reputation so that more people will accept us and see that we are no different from them all. Also, it’s not just for the outsiders. It’s also good for us and for those who still in the closest because we don’t want them thinking that our community is a sleaze bag or becoming just a meat market for gay people. We don’t anyone thinking that our community we have created is becoming like a ghetto where drugs and sex is a full time service.

The “Scene” is there for everyone to enjoy it gay or straight. It is the place where gays can feel safe from the anti-gay world. It is where you and I can make a difference in the outside world. So why not make the best out of it instead of giving it a bad name. We may live a different life from the heterosexuals but that doesn’t mean that we are not normal. We are just like them only attracted to the same sex. Without this community the gay world would become chaos. No one would know and teach them how to look after themselves. Gay crimes would increase at least every year. And those who feel different would be living a hypocrite lives and probably some of them could get married and still feel different. But thank God that there are people who fought for our rights with their sweat and blood, because without those people we would not be here at all. We should be graceful that we have a community where everyone accepts us no matter what our backgrounds are.

This place is the community where everyone is proud of being who they are and accepting himself or herself that they are different. I guess now the only thing to do is to live life to the max and enjoy what the scene can offer for us. And be proud of who you are and if you feel comfortable going to the place where you can belong so don’t let anyone stop you because it’s your home and it’s the place to been seen in the scene.