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AlterHeros is a non-profit organization registered in Quebec. Our team, which is composed almost entirely of volunteers, has been working since 2002 to develop our website where we offer information, assistance and animation services. AlterHeros also participates in a number of consultation activities within the LGBTQIA2S + community related to the fight against homophobia, transphobia and the demystification of sexual and gender diversity. 

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Why should I donate to AlterHeros?

Since August 2002, several million people around the world have visited our website to get information and assistance on sexual health and sexuality. Our team presently has only one part-time employee and depends largely on the work and dedication of its volunteers. At this time, AlterHeros is not funded by any recurrent governmental programs. We receive support from Justice Quebec through the Office for the Fight Against Homophobia, however, in order to cover our activity and administration expenses, we rely heavily on our visitors' donations as well as membership fees (at a cost of $ 10 per year).

What will my donation be used for?

The donations are primarily used to cover the costs of managing the website such as hosting, bandwidth and registration of domain names. Donations also help cover the costs of training volunteers, strategic planning, consultation and outreach in the community (kiosk rentals, materials for volunteers and participants, registration to various trainings and courses...). Finally, from an accessibility perspective, your donation can be used to provide participants with transit passes and food during our meetings and workshops. If you want your donation to be used for a specific purpose, please notify us.

How can I make a donation?

You can make a donation online by using Paypal or by following this link:

...or by sending us a cheque made payable to AlterHeros at the following address:

1575 Amherst
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H2L 3L4

How do I know if my donation is being well used?

Once a year, AlterHeros holds a general meeting where members are informed about what happened during the last twelve months within the organization. The activity report is distributed, as well as the organization's budget and financial previsions. The activity reports are available in PDF format on the website. Click here to read them. To find out when our next annual general meeting will be held, check out our calendar of upcoming events and follow us on social media!

AlterHeros is registered at the Government of Quebec as a not-profit organization. You can find us on the Registre des Entreprises du Quebec.

Is it possible to get a tax receipt?

These days, we are beginning procedures to make sure that AlterHeros is recognized as a charitable organization by the Canada Revenue Agency (better late than never!). Thus, we will soon be able to provide receipts for tax purposes.

If I want to give you a boost without making a donation, what should I do?

Here are some suggestions to help us keeping on making the world a better place :

- Register on and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube;
- Get involved ;
- Leave a sweet comment on our website;
- Share our events on social media;
- Take part in our activities;
- To the extent of your abilities, actively display your support for sexual and gender diversity !


AlterHeros would like to thank you for your generosity,
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us creating safer spaces for LGBTQA+ youth and to give more visibility to the issues concerning sexual and gender diversity !