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I am a girl in love with her best friend, ...

I'm an 18/F. I think I've fallen head over heels IN LOVE with my best friend. The only thing is that he is gay. I can't get over him. A bunch of people close to me, like my mother & my best friend (girl) says he acts more bi than gay. We constantly flirt & laugh together. I've never been around someone who completes me so well, friend or other. He stays over and spends the night and it takes all my will power to not make a move on him in bed. Since I'm single, I usually take him to dances. Being so close to him...It just kills me that I can't have him. He's had 2 boyfriends and slept with one of them; neither was a love connection. We're gonna be going to college together & living together; we don't want to live alone. But the fact is if he brings a guy home, I'm gonna feel jealous. Should I tell him how I feel & see if he MIGHT feel the same? I keep chickening out. We've always been truthful with each other. Is this any different? Should I keep this quiet? It's making me crazy !

Friends or lovers ?

Friends or lovers?, A few days ago i visited my high school friend, we have always had this weird relationship where she tells me when she feels jealous, how great i am, and how she loves me and loves spend every second with me, even though we haven't been together in almost 5 years. We finally after some drinks started kissing each other for the first time and I felt suprisingly great and very into that, we then started touching each other and talking about living together in another country but after all this, a few hours later she tells me she only wants to be my friend, she doesn't want anything with me, so i backed off without saying a word, but wanted to touch her all the time, and then again she approched me and started kissing me, but then says we are only friends, so how i am supposed to do? i ask her but she says she sees me as her friend. What could she be feeling or how do i treat her? Thanks

(Testimony) Now, I accept my bisexuality

I am 15 years old and im a sophmore in highschool, last year during my freshmen year of highschool, i started to develope and attraction towards girls,but im also attracted to boys,the thought of being attracted to girls scared me, and i really started to wonder if it was a phase,or if i was bi-curious or even bisexual, i was really confused about my sexuality, i was really confused in my early stages of coming to terms with my bisexuality,it took me some time to realize i was bisexual an i was attracted to both sexes; accepting my new label as a bisexual was hard cause i had lived for a long time labled as straight and i was affaid to accept my new label as a bisexual, accepting my new label as a bisexual was very hard ,cause i had made a swich in my lifestyle from staight to bisexual. overtime i accepted my attractions towards boys and girls and i also acceppted my new label as bisexual,it was confusing at first but ive grown to like it.

I can’t stop thinking of a friend. I Think I ...

hi my name is Vanessa i think i might be bisexual i can't stop thinking of my friend she aint bi she aint into that i need some help because i also like a guy but i almost never see him i dont know whats wrong with me i dont really like these feelings i think i started to feel this feeling when my both sisters got beat by there boyfriends and husbend and they already have kids and i feel that you suppose to treat a girl or women with respect and i feel that me as a girl can make a girl feel very special chubby or thin see and i feel that i will sometimes be a better person than the both guys and am a young girl i like guys but i think i got a thing for girls to i realy need help to know what i am i know i am romantic every one has told me that i like to write poems i even wrote one to that friend and i guess shes the only one who doesnt understand it it was so nice i even wrote a poem to the guy. the one i wrote to my freind was: your eyes are so brite they lite up my heart. every time you pass by all i hear is a harp. you and my friends you are the best. your a friend i can depend on i even i dedicated a song. to help you what i feel inside. thats all i can say there are no words i can explain to you anymore. so that was my poam please help me please please please.... i realy need your help to se what i am.

I love the idea of being with another girl, but ...

Hi :) I'm so confused. I've always had crushes on boys (on their personalities, not appearances), and now men, but when I get into a sexual situation with them, I just don't even want to touch them, and all I can think is 'how absurd'. With the few boyfriends I've had, once I've managed to 'get' them, I lose all interest. In contrast, I love the idea of being with another woman. I love everything to do with it - the emotional connection in particular. I get all tingly when I read lesbian love stories, and I feel deep down that that is what I want. But I haven't had crushes on women like I have with men. I think I may have been in love with a girl because I couldn't stop thinking about her for months, and I wanted to be around her more than anything else in the world. I wanted to kiss her and do everything else, too, but before anything could happen between us, life intervened. I'm worried that I love the idea of lesbian love so much that I'm just convincing myself that I might be bisexual of lesbian. I know that I'm attracted to personality rather than appearance, but I don't know what to think. Please please help.