About Maxime-iel

Involved in 2SLGBTQIA+ community work for many years, Maxime keeps a special spot in their heart for queer youth. It's what made them start a bachelor's degree in sexology at UQAM. They're committed to improve inclusion and celebration of diversities, atypical trajectories and any and all who can't fit in a box. Recently they've gotten interested in mental health, self-care, the abolition of capitalism and getting some rest once in a while. Fervent rain enthusiast, their favorite colors are gray and rainbows.

I’ve been struggling with my gender identity… Is the want ...

I've been struggling with my gender identity for the past couple of months, though I feel like this has been an ongoing thing I never noticed until now. Every spare moment I have I'm questioning who I am, who I want to be, and who I want to be perceived as. The main issue is that I don't feel comfortable being seen as a girl anymore. I've tried using some different pronouns to see how I felt, and it was nice for a bit, but I realized there was still something missing. I think I'm still in a lot of denial over how what's missing is the fact that I want to be perceived as a boy, but I feel like I can't have that, because physically, it's logical that I'm not one. Plus, I'm scared of even considering transitioning, it feels like a huge step that I don't know if I'll ever be ready for. While most of the time I'm yearning to be a guy, there are a few times where I feel okay as a girl. It's just so confusing, and I don't want to stick with something and then regret it later. I also feel like, is the want to be a man a fetishization thing? Because when I see healthy and happy male relationships in books or shows, I feel a sense of happiness from it and can relate to it to an extent. Does that mean these feelings of dysphoria are based on that? Because while it's one thing to put yourself in another character's shoes, I feel like there's a bit more to these feelings than that. Any insight would be really appreciated! Bao

I am 39 years old and just came out as ...

Hello, I am a 39 year old male, who just recently came out. I admit I am struggling with my new identity/lifestyle/ am struggling to continue to come out to those around (currently I just came out to those very close to me and just shut everyone else out of my life). I am looking for some support/ group to help me feel comfortable with new identity and am not entirely sure where to go for help. I found your website on line (I know it says the focus is up to age 35, but I figured I would try and write to see if you'd be able to help). Thank you in advance for any help your able to offer. Nicholas

How to use gender neutral grammar in French?

Hi. First off, I love that this site exists:) I work at a middle school. Some of the french teachers have asked me how to use gender neutral grammar in french. There are some pronouns we know about, like ielle, or lelle. And one french teacher told me she's seen some gender neutral spelling of some subjects. But when it comes to making a full sentence, with adjectives, verbes... no one seems to have found a resource that explains making the whole sentence flow together, and how to conjugate all of the words together. My pronouns are They/ Them/ Their . When I have to write a report, and it needs to be in 3rd person, I use a capital for Them to indicate it refers to me, and not a group of people. It doesn't seem as simple for french. I also don't speak much french, so I don't even know what questions to ask to find out how to do it. Here are the resources the teachers showed me that they looked at. They also asked friends who work in the government, how they have seen this addressed, and didn't get very far... Thank you so much. Have a fantastic day!

I was assigned Male at birth and I just don’t ...

Hi, I have talked to a Psychiatrist at Interligne saying I didn't feel right in my body. I was assigned Male at birth and I just don't feel male. I feel like I'm in the ''middle'' but leaning towards the feminine side which is my problem. I wish I could stare at myself in the mirror and not feel bad about how I look. I would love to look more feminine in all parts but this is not what I see. The person at Interligne told me to ''Grow hair, shave body, makeup, do my nails, etc.'' but I already do all that in my daily life and still not happy with my body/face. I just told the Social Worker I talk to about this ''problem'' that has existed for me for many years now and they sent me here. I have a family doctor which I don't feel comfortable telling all this and I don't know what to do, I am lost. A request has been submitted for me to meet a psychiatrist I think (It's not confirmed, the Social Worker is working on the demand) What should I do? Jae