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I am in love with my teacher but he recently ...

Dear experts I have a problem and need some advice. There is a teacher in my classroom who stares at me a lot, whenever I enter the classroom he makes eye contact with me. I feel like he's attracted to me. I heard he even got married a few months ago. I like him as a teacher, we have NO relationship whatsoever and never will be. This really bothers me. Once when he stared at me he couldn't stop staring at me. He hasn't done anything inappropriate to me. Please help me what should I do? Does he have a crush on me? Should I report him? I'm in love with him. I know this is wrong but I just fell in love with him. When I heard he got married I was shocked, I was falling apart. This hurts so much. So much suffering and sadness. Please help me, what should I do? Should I forget him? Thanks a lot.

I am bisexual and I want to know if I ...

Well, I am a Bisexual male , which is very rare as I have realized. There are bisexual females at my school, but I am a guy and they don't know what I endure everyday (I also don't know them personally). My friends give me a hard time about it, they argue with me sometimes and make "Bi Jokes". I want to be openly Bi, but it won't be easy since I am 13 and in middle school. I have a single parent (my mother) who tells me I better not ever come out saying I am gay. When I watch Tila Tequila (a bisexual) she calls her a freak. I am going to tell a lot of people when I get back to school (besides the other 9 who already know). This little secret has spread around the school and I will confirm this. I need to know what you think!

Should I develop a relationship with someone I met online?

My question is about being in a relationship with a person you met online. About seven years ago, I met a boy on a forum and since then we have talked every single day for hours, we watched each other grow up, we know each other's flaws and strengths and for the most part we can accept each other's differences. Over the past two years this has developed slowly and gradually into a very deep relationship, even past the crush stage to something closer to love. We have no way of knowing until we meet each other. Is this a good thing to do? Should we go for it even with the societal stigmatization that comes with it? And even if our families may not think it is the best thing to do?

How can you maintain a long-distance relationship ?

Hi, My name is Sarah. I am bisexual and have a friend I am in love with. Though she is not yet my girlfriend, she is also in love with me. The problem is the distance between us. I live in England and her parents have now made her move to Canada. I miss her so much and don't know how to keep our relationship going, knowing we will not be able to see each other for a long time. Do you think you could help me keep our relationship going?

My friend asked me to have sex but he said ...

I am a boy and I have a friend who has had girlfriends before but sometimes when he would come over he wanted to do sexual things. Sometimes I would go to sleep and would wake up to find his arm over me and him right up against me. I asked him once before if he was gay and he said no. After that, he hasn't asked to do anything else. Claims it makes him feel bad or shameful. Is he gay? And if I liked some of the stuff he did, does it makes me gay?