suzanne palardy

Where can I meet another “lipstick lesbian” ?

So I've recently come to terms with my sexuality - I'm an almost 18 year old bouncing between bi and lesbian. Except the more I go online and find out about the community, the more I see that 'lipstick lesbians' (feminine ID) are usually not as accepted in the gay community as butch-looking ones because the "real" lesbians doubt their sexual orientation. This saddens me, because I'm definitely a "femme", attracted to other 'lipstick lesbians", and from what I've seen it seems to be incredibly hard to find others like me. I truly do not find masculine-identified lesbians attractive at all, and now I'm kind of paranoid there are very little 'femmes' out there - I'm scared of forever falling for the straight girls! So, is there hope for me? Where can I meet other 'lipsticks?' I live in Montreal. My friend has proposed to accompany me to a gay bar, but I'm afraid everyone will be in their thirties (as opposed to the "het" clubs we go to usually) and the majority butch-looking...

I came out to my father but he denies it

About 3 months ago, I abruptly came out to my father ("Dad, I'm a lesbian...") I was positive that he already knew, and if not that, that he had some inkling, but apparently denial runs deeper than I thought. He ended up freaking out and went through a period of about 1.5 weeks where he didn't talk to me. Since them, we have gotten back to our old relationship, but with no mention of what happened, or my sexuality at all. I would like to start going to lgbt youth meetings in the city neighboring mine, but I'm afraid of how he'll react. What can I do?

I can’t figure out if I am Gay or Bi.

I think I am Gay, but I'm not completely sure, because there are still times when I am attracted to females, but very little of the time. Mostly I like guys. I have already had "experience" with both sexes, and I liked guys much more. I know I am not straight but I can't figure out if I am Gay or Bi.