Images of my father haunt me during sex

I have never been molested or raped to my recollection which is a big reason why I feel so lost with my situation. At times during sex I see my father instead of my partner it disgusts me and I cant continue. My father has no way ever touched me in a sexual way so I don't know where these thoughts are coming from. It has become more of a problem in the last year. My dad pops in my head during any type of sexual activity. I don't know what to do or where to go to get help and how to fix this because it is starting to really affect my life. It feels like im getting haunted almost because the thoughts just pop outta no where it disturbs me to a great extent any advice would be greatly welcomed.

Can blood in a mouthwash cup transfer HIV?

What is your sexual orientation ? straight I have a question, earlier today I used mouth wash in the morning. Like always in the morning, I am very tired and did not notice there was blood in there. And i do not know whose blood was it. I asked my brother who shares the mouthwash cup with me and he replied not using it the night before or in the morning. So do I have any chance for me to get infected the HIV or AIDS virus. It has been bothering me since. please reply thanks a lot

I’m sensitive and don’t want to screw up our friendship

I'm the kind of guy every person can get along with. I can take a hit, a joke, I help those who are down, you know, an all around good guy. But when it comes to women, I'm a wreck. I'm not handsome, or a noticeably fit guys, though I am pretty strong, and recently I've fallen for one of my friends. She moved in at the start of the year. The only problem is, she likes one of my minor friends. I don't wanna mess with our friendship, and I know her friends hate me, I don't really like them either, but what should I do, the last girl's I liked were all failures, and I felt hurt. I'm surprisingly sensitive, and I'm worried I'd screw up our friendship. What should I do?

Not like it used to be – how can I ...

I know i can't go back to what used to be with my boyfriend but things have changed and one week he's deeply in love with me and shows me everything and leaves me without any doubts, but there's other weeks where he barely shows anything. I like talking to him and I don't want to come off as desperate to talk to him or anything because I know it won't be a good idea but we've been fighting because i tell him how i feel but not exactly. I dont plan on telling him to prove me his love because I believe him, I just miss some of the old times where he used to care more and such. What should I do?