Call for tenders – redesign of the AlterHeros website

Call for Tenders
Redesign of the AlterHeros Website



AlterHeros is a non-profit Quebecois organization based in Montreal with the goal of improving the well-being of individuals in relation to their sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity and overall sexuality. AlterHeros’ target audience is between the ages of 14 and 35. The AlterHeros website is its hub, its main tool. Currently, the “Tell the Experts” section is the most used. The organization celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and wishes to offer a much more pleasant and intuitive experience to the clientele who frequent its website.

1.2. Deadline for submission of tenders and procedure for the receipt of tenders
Proposals for this call for tenders must be submitted by e-mail before April 30, 2017 at 10:00 pm (EDT) to the attention of Marie-Édith Vigneau, Executive Director, at the following address:


2.1. Objectives of the mandate
Under the supervision of the Executive Director and the President of the organization, Mr. Philip Simard, the selected person will be responsible for the redesign of the AlterHéros website in accordance with this document and within the stated timeframe.
The selected candidate will:
• develop a graphic design that conforms to the AlterHeros image;
• upgrade the site’s WordPress architecture;
• adapt the site to navigation on mobile devices in responsive web design mode;
• allow simple integration of text, photos, videos, documents and forms provided inside pages and databases;
• create a dynamic and smooth homepage;
• program payment solutions for online memberships and donations.;
• partially migrate the current content of the website to its new version.

In order to carry out the above tasks and without restricting themselves to this list, the chosen supplier must take part in the following tasks:
• Initial planning meeting (in person or via Hangouts or FaceTime);
• Follow-up meetings to communicate progress;
• Adjustments requested during the course of production;
• Quality and function tests;
• Training of the Executive Director or a member of the Board of Directors to ensure the autonomy of the organization for the maintenance of the website (7 hours maximum);
• Creation of a website management guide.

2.2 Qualities Sought
The new version of the site should:
• Allow a pleasant, friendly and intuitive experience for visitors
• Enable internal management by AlterHeros by providing complete autonomy in modifying and adding new sections and pages (minimizing coding in manipulation); and
• Take advantage of features such as a calendar of events, social media integration, dynamic forms, Youtube videos, drop-down lists, and more.

2.3 Calendar of Events/Schedule
April 23 – Launch of the call for tenders (English version)
April 30, 10 pm – Deadline for submissions
May 5 – Meeting with Executive Director or Board Members
(In person or via Hangouts, Skype or FaceTime)
July 20 – Tests, validations and corrections
August 1 – Estimated completion of work and launch of the website
August 15 – Presentation of the website as part of Fierté Montréal – Fierté Canada Pride

2.4 Selection Criteria
*Proposed Solution*
– Consideration of needs
– Creativity
– Ability to meet deadlines
– Estimated budget

*Quality of Portfolio*
– Similarity with the client’s project
– Functional achievements (at least 3)


For each of the acceptable service offerings, the committee will add the scores obtained according to the evaluation grid (internal) and recommend that the contract be awarded to the provider with the highest total.

In case of a ties, the selected supplier will have the lowest total cost. In case of a double equality of the service offer and the price, the selection will be made by drawing lots between the equally placed suppliers.

The committee will then proceed to review the total costs presented against the service offerings and the lowest total cost provider will be awarded the maximum eligible points for the “Total Cost of Proposal” component. Other service offerings will receive a score for the “Total Cost of Proposal” component based on the difference between this portion of their proposal and that of the lowest total cost provider.

AlterHeros does not undertake to accept any of the offers received.


4.1 Format of the Proposal
Please note that service offers must be submitted in a well-identified file, preferably in PDF format. AlterHeros undertakes to send by e-mail to the tenderers a confirmation of receipt of their tender.

4.2 Elements Required Upon Submission
Supplier Profile – 1 page
Portfolio of completed projects (at least 3 references) – 3 pages
Cost Estimate – 1 page

4.3 Model Sought and Guidelines
For an idea of the model, please visit this page.
With regard to the current version of the site…
– The Tell the Experts section should keep its question and answer functionality.
– The AlterHeros section will disappear, as will almost all of its features. Only focus groups will be moved to the next section.
– The AlterCité section will become a place of exchange and sharing.
Focus groups and testimonies will be moved.
Focus groups will be accessible only to those listed on the website.
– The Association section will become the organization section.
In this section will be found a wealth of information about AlterHeros, including its annual reports, by-laws, volunteer agreement, board members, the opportunity to donate and become a member, it’s primary achievements, etc.
– A Resources page (which will also be accessible from the Tell the Experts section) and a Calendar page will be added, along with the “Quit Quickly Without Traces” feature and direct links to social media (or embedded threads).

5.1. Payment
After verification, AlterHeros will pay the sums owed to the selected supplier according to the following terms of payment: 20% upon signing the contract, 30% mid-term and 50% upon delivery of the new version of the website.

5.2. Termination
AlterHeros reserves the right to terminate any contract entered into under this call for tenders for any of the following reasons:
• The supplier fails to fulfill any of its terms, conditions or obligations under this call for tenders;
• The supplier ceases operations in any manner, including as a result of their insolvency.

5.3. Material Property and Copyright

5.3.1. Property
Work carried out by the supplier under this call for tenders or any contract entered into by virtue of it, including all accessories such as sketches, will become the entire and exclusive property of AlterHeros, which may dispose of them at will.

5.3.2. Copyright
The supplier assigns and transfers to AlterHeros, which agrees, all copyright in all documents made pursuant to this solicitation or any contract entered into under this solicitation. This assignment of copyright is granted without any territorial limit, time limit, or limit of any kind whatsoever. Any consideration for the assignment of copyright granted under any contract resulting from this call for tenders is included in the agreed upon remuneration.

5.4. Protection of personal or confidential information
The supplier undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of the information obtained. Neither they nor any of their employees shall disclose any data or analysis performed under the contract entered into pursuant this solicitation or, generally, any knowledge of which they are aware in the execution of the contract.

About AlterHéros

Depuis 2002, AlterHéros répond à vos questions en ligne au sujet de la diversité sexuelle, de la pluralité des genres et de la santé sexuelle en général. Nous organisons aussi des activités pour les jeunes LGBTQIA2S+ de 14 à 30 ans et leurs allié.e.s.

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