Welcoming diversity regarding gender identity among youth 2

Welcoming diversity regarding gender identity among youth

Conference given by Francoise Susset

Version française

Francoise Susset discusses how to welcome youth who have diverse gender identities. She states that gender non-conformity is a state of post-traumatic stress.

•    59% of trans youth know they are trans before the age of 10
•    80% before 14 years old
•    90 before 19 years old

Trans youth are one of the most vulnerable populations as they are more susceptible to violence, discrimination and bullying. Many trans youth don’t feel secure at school.

There are two types of transitions : social and physical.

Ways in which to support social transition
•    The right to keep their sex assigned at birth confidential
•    Be supported by parents and health professionals
•    Access to hormone blockers
•    Allow them to change their name and pronoun if they so desire
•    Support for changing rooms
•    Support for washrooms
•    Support with attendance sheets
•    Support with interpersonal relations

What to do
•    Start young, in kindergarten, to talk about everything listed!
•    Intervene in a way that allows youth to express their gender with an infinite of possibilities
•    Discuss with youth of gender diversity and not only of the traditional gender binary stereotypes
•    Teach them respect, to respect all diversity
•    Try not to separate groups into boy-girl, avoid the binary as much as possible
•    Use materials to include gender and identity differences (books, toys, etc.)
•    Neutralize the language: say “let’s go everyone!” instead of “let’s go boys and girls!”

If you’d like more information, you can also visit the website of La table nationale de lutte contre l’homophobie et la transphobie des reseaux de l’education. It will give you access to the English and French resources from this year’s seminar. You have access to folders, guides, literature, teaching materials, policies, legislation and action plans, research as well as multimedia resources! 🙂

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